Monday, September 7, 2009

Pilot's Fetish

He seems innocent enough, Pilot, Mirrhi's little half brother. He is full of loves and kisses, in fact does not know when to stop kissing. He will climb your chest to get to your face and smear you with puppy kisses. He is young too, so I did not expect him to have developed any weird sexual fetishes. This past weekend though, as we were staying in the motel in Eugene for the dog show, all the dogs had crates in the room. Mirrhi's crate was across the room from Pilot's and everything seemed to be going fine. The dogs were taking turns out to visit everyone and playing with one another. Pilot was back in his box after a romp when I noticed what looked like Mirrhi's crate pad in a pile beside him. A little later it was spread out under him, sure looked like her crate pad, green with little paw prints on it. We were socializing as well so I just let it go. A bit later, Pilot was out again, he took the pad out of his crate and was rolling on it, all slobbery, then stood over it and marked it as his. I turned to his human mom and asked, "Is that Pilot's crate pad?" "No..."
All I can say is girls watch your crate pads and panties if you wear'em cause Pilot is growing up!


  1. little weirdo!
    and his daughter does the "smear-your-face-with-kisses" thing too... oh so cute :)
    Guess Mihrri didn't really want her crate pad, did she?? ;-)

  2. What a nasty little brat! That's hilarious. Ok, kind of gross, too.

  3. I so should have got out the camera.

  4. LOL! Corrupted at such a young age...

  5. Is it too late to change my mind on that breeding thing? Yes? Darn.